Chalabalova ZŠ a MŠ Brno

Chalabalova 2, 62300 Brno

General description

Chalabalova School started to implement elements of Dalton education in the past decade of the last century. In cooperation with several other Brno schools (Husova, Horacke namesti, Kridlovicka and Masarova) and the City of Brno helped to established The Czech Dalton Association in 1996 (now Czech Dalton). In the following years many international conferences, workshops and active meetings abroad organized by the association in cooperation with the Dalton International and kind professional help of Roel Roehner hugely influenced the school programmes of tens Czech schools. Since 2000 Chalabalova Dalton school has worked intensively with partner Dalton schools especially in Holland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and also progressive schools in Spain, Norway, N.Ireland, England ... Evolution of Brno Dalton schools influenced also contacts with educators from New York Dalton School and Ascham Sydney.

Key players

The kye elements of Dalton education always seemed to me to overcross the field of education.

Words like cooperation, responsibility and freedom have strong - almost eternal - values in our everyday life.

Specific for this school

Mixture of humanistic classic ideas (e.g. Komensky) and new and modern international approaches (including Dalton) help our friendly team of Brno Chalabalova School to form our teaching philosophy.

Also cooperation with several universities and foreign partner schools create open school world in which we try to follow rules like respect, cooperation, responsibility and freedom.

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