Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School
No.28 Yandang Middle Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


General description

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, founded in September 2017 by LIKEDA Education Technology Co. Ltd, is a full-time private school, operating under direct supervision of Wenzhou Education Bureau. The school covers fourteen thousand square meters and has a capacity of thirty-six classes with twenty-five students in each. It has 877 students and 125 teachers currently.

The school combines the “Dalton Plan”, one of the four important education theories for elementary education, with the local “Study-Lab Program”. By embracing the values of “Freedom, Cooperation, Self-discipline and Responsibility”, Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School is committed to providing a comfortable and caring learning environment. Pupils here will be prepared for a globalized world and future, striving for excellence while enjoying an experience which they will cherish for a lifetime.


Ms. Bai Lili

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School invited Ms. Bai Lili, the special-graded teacher at provincial level and the education expert in Wenzhou, to be the principal. Principal Bai Lili is a professor-level senior teacher of middle school, meritorious teacher of Zhejiang Province and national model teacher who enjoys special bonus from the State Council. For more than 30 years engaging in teaching, she has been embracing the idea “all for children” and has been devoted to exploring how to create the education suitable for the development of each child.

Specific to this school

In Wenzhou Dalton, no bell-rings can be heard. Study is organized into groups and individual work and learning takes place in diverse elective and small classes. At Wenzhou Dalton Elementary school, the daily schedule consists of planned classes, snack sharing time, recess time, self-directed lunch time and Dalton Study Lab. An integration of mixed-ability classes and streamed classes, personalized time-tables, theme activities, leisure time, community services as well as global study programs enables students to learn and grow at their own pace, while teachers serve as facilitators and guides for the learning process. Students at Wenzhou Dalton not only acquire knowledge in class but also develop their abilities in study lab. Here they are taught to summarize and sort out what they have learned in a day according to a list of tasks, including tidying up books and stationary, reviewing and reflecting on study skills, organizing resources and assessing learning outcomes. The goal is to develop their competence in independent study and self-control, and mold them into confident and self-disciplined learners.

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