ZŠ Masarova 11, 628 00, Brno


General description

Primary school Masarova is an urban settlement school that has been offering education to pupils of elementary and secondary stage since the year 1982. Every year there are about 700 pupils. The school works according to its own educational programme "Opportunity for everyone“ and tries to realize following priorities: language communication and foreign language education, project and Dalton education, personal and social education, leisure activities. Our school is a member of the Czech Dalton and cooperates with Dalton International. In our School Pedagogical Centre the school psychologist, special pedagogue, methodist of prevention and educational and career consultant work. Skilled assistants work with pupils with special educational needs and we also provide individual care to pupils with learning disabilities. Our school pays attention to working with the class teams during the special lessons called "little houses“. Various activities focus on improving relationships between the pupils and the teacher and among the pupils themselves. Also social-pathological appearance prevention takes part here once a week. Pupils are also allowed to present their suggestions and ideas in the School Pupils Parliament that sits regularly once a month.

Key Players

Elementary principles of Dalton pedagogy are suitable not only for the teaching-learning process but also for my life.

Specific for this school

Motto of our school:

„We don't make mistakes because we learn. We make mistakes, thus we learn.“

Motto of our school programme:

„You are forgiven if you cannot do it, but not if you don't want to do it.“

H. Ibsen

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