Daltonschool De Leeuwerik

Leeuwerikstraat 2

General description

A pleasant Dalton school for children and parents where good education is provided by enthusiastic dalton teachers. Daltonschool De Leeuwerik wants every child to understand their environment as well as possible and that he / she will deal with it positively. We guide children in their development towards an independent, responsible and creative personality.

We are an enthusiastic team of 34 teachers who have been trained as Dalton teachers. We encourage the children to get the best out of themselves. We teach them to work together and to approach others with respect. Our school has about 430 students

Daltonschool De Leeuwerik has been in possession of the Dalton predicate since May 2010.

Key players

“Dalton is a way of living”

My relation with Dalton International started about 20 years ago.  I was the webmaster of Dalton International. Many times I have attended the International Dalton Conferences in Brno (Czech Republic) and Austria. And we had one goal: discovering how Dalton education was executed in the world and how we could benefit from the relation with each other, creating a new Dalton network.

Specific for this school

The school has a beautiful building where good Dalton education can be provided.
In addition to group rooms, there are large learning squares where children can work.
The school has a beautiful theatre where the groups perform

Pupils already receive English lessons from 4 years old.

In recent years, Daltonschool De Leeuwerik has received many international guests. Children of the oldest groups then provide the tour for the international guests.

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