Dalton College Izmir

Cumhuriyet, Çanakkale Asfaltı Cd. No: 47/B, 35672 Menemen /İzmir

Genereal description

Dalton College is not simply a school with classrooms. The school has been designed according to the laboratory system. Each teacher has their own classroom and students travel to different laboratories according to their lessons.

Alongside the labs, there are many other facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, conference room, library, park, garden and even a mini animal zoo.

The school first opened its doors for the 2018 – 2019 school year and has a student capacity of 800 ranging from 4 – 18 years old.

Key players

I am pleased to announce we became a Dalton İnternational School in April 2020.

Our aim as a Dalton school in Turkey is to give an education suitable to each and every child. We aim to find children’s talents both academically and socially, we want to prepare our student’s for a world where they will be independent, responsible and become international citizens.

Specific for this school

Dalton College İzmir (Özel İzmir Bin Dokuz Yüz On Dokuz Okulları) was founded in 2018. The school offers education from kindergarten to high school level.

Dalton College implements the Dalton Model from age 4 upwards, with an emphasis on our students becoming responsible learners, independent thinkers and co-operative workers.

Alongside the Dalton Plan is a strong language programme, where student learn both English and German.

Dalton College’s mission is to find each and every student’s talent. This can be academical, sport, music or the arts.

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