Chr. Dalton Basisschool De Maten

Broekmaten 6
7683XH Den Ham

General description

De Maten is a Christian Dalton Primary School in the village of Den Ham. Since 2009 we are officially a Dalton school. The five Dalton core values: responsibility, independence, collaboration, effectiveness and reflection form the foundation of our Dalton education.

At the school there is a remarkably good pedagogical climate, in which everyone feels safe.

The school has 192 students divided into 9 groups. A total of 17 teachers work at 'De Maten', including teaching assistant, internal supervisor and director


Key players

Together we are responsible for the quality of education at 'De Maten'. We are a professional learning community and work from learning teams on the quality of our Dalton education.

Since 2012 we are a member of Dalton International and we regularly receive guests from the Netherlands and abroad.

Specific for this school

Our promise to the students is: Every child is unique, including unique Dalton education.

We provide contemporary education that suits the student and challenges them in cooperation with other students. Students become co-owners of their own development by working from learning lines and goals. They follow their own development with the help of a digital portfolio. The students acquire knowledge and learn skills in line with their development on the way to independent and responsible citizens in society. Good communication with parents and students is important to us. By having triangular conversations (pupil, parent(s), teacher(s), we work together with confidence to develop cognitively, socially, creatively and motorly.

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